Digital Download Information

GREAT NEWS! We are now offering our videos on DVD or as a Digital Download (MP4 file). There is NO shipping charge on our Digital Downloads!  If you purchase the Digital Download you will be emailed a link to Download your video (your Download link will be emailed to you within 12 hours - but it usually only takes an hour or two, depending on the time of day your order is received). Please be sure your Email Address is correct when filling in your Checkout information!

If you purchase a DVD it is shipped usually within 1 business day via USPS First Class Mail (First Class mail usually takes 3 to 8 business days to arrive).

What is a Digital Download?

A digital download just means that you click on a link that we email you and it takes you to our website where we store our instructional videos for you to download. The link we email you takes you right to the specific video you purchased. Then just click the Download button and it will transfer the video file from our web server to your computer. Once the video is downloaded you will be able to watch it on your computer. It usually takes about 5 minutes to download a video - depending on your internet speed). With a Downloaded video you won’t have to worry anymore about DVDs getting broken or lost in shipping, plus no more shipping charges. Once we receive your order we will email your Download link(s) within 12 hours - but usually much sooner). Note: If you don’t see your download link within 12 hours please check your SPAM email folder.

Our Yarnell School of Fine Art video downloads are a MP4 video format. Most computers nowadays have MP4 player software built in so after you Download the video you just need to click on the MP4 file and start enjoying your video. If you don’t have a MP4 player on your computer you can also find plenty of free MP4 player software available online that you can download.

Helpful Tip: Most of the time when you Download a file it is put in the DOWNLOADS folder on your computer. If you can’t find your MP4 file after you Download it do a Google Search called “where are my downloads” and you will find tons of information that can help you figure out where your Downloaded files are put on your computer.

Frequently Asked Question:

QUESTION: If I purchase and download one of your videos will I be able to view it multiple times? Is there an expiration date on the downloaded video? By that I mean is there a date after which I will no longer be able to view the video?

When you buy a download video you can view it as often as you like and there is no expiration date. With the download you don’t have to worry about scratched, broken, or lost dvds and there is no shipping charge because the download is delivered right to your email address. If you ever lose or delete your downloaded video by mistake we will be happy to email you a new one Free of charge.