• 9962 Complete 100 Series Package

9962 Complete 100 Series Package - Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art 4 instructional dvd set.

Package Includes:

9941 Setting Up Your Art Studio, 90 min.
Jerry talks about tools needed to setting up your art studio (easels, lighting, art supplies). He demonstrates how to clean your palette, brushes, etc. He gives examples of how to plan your painting using a reference photo library and other helpful information.

9942 Composition, Blocking and Values, 60 min.
Jerry explains how to use soft vine charcoal to practice sketching using the negative space rule. Tips on how to use eye stoppers in your painting that is pleasing to the eye. He gives examples of the 3 basic compositions. Jerry demonstrates how to stretch a canvas. Value system exercise (depth of field) on an 18 x 24 canvas.

9943 Study Painting, 120 min.
18 x 24 canvas

9944 Your Painting, 120 min.
18 x 24 canvas

This is the complete 13 week TV series 100 using acrylics. 

9962 Complete 100 Series Package

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